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374: Somewhere Out There

Economics is a game you should know how to play. And once you get the fundamental concepts, you start to see it everywhere: the news, the supermarket and even your dating life. So it’s time to learn the rules. Planet Money Summer School is a crash course in economics for your ears. See the world through the lens of an economist and you’ll start to feel a little less overwhelmed when making financial decisions.

And if you’re in front of the classroom?

Listen to Planet Money free. The economy Logo of the podcast SUMMER SCHOOL 1: Choices & Dating Logo of the podcast Planet Money Summer School.

It is no exaggeration to say that without NPR , podcasting might never have become a thing. In the past decade, the publisher has seen enormous success in bringing high-quality, on-demand audio and video stories to the public with highly popular podcasts like Code Switch , Throughline , Invisibilia , The Indicator and others, currently providing more than fifty titles for listeners’ enjoyment. On Monday June 29, , NPR launched its latest news podcast, Consider This , a rebranding and slight evolution of its critically important “pop-up” podcast, Coronavirus Daily , which launched in March to keep listeners informed at the start of the global pandemic.

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Npr dating website –

OK, so a couple of physicists walk into a bar. Just kidding. They’re not at a bar. They’re at a school.

SMITH: Hello and welcome to PLANET MONEY. that this is one of those romantic comedies where the hero is doing all of this dating online.

If you happened to be in downtown Chicago during the first week of January this year, you would have seen something incredibly strange – hundreds of young people, somethings, dressed in new suits and stiff new shoes, a lot of them running. They’re sprinting down the sidewalks of the city back and forth across the Chicago River. The reason – the reason they’re running is that the economics profession at some point decided that it was going to create a job market unlike any other.

MA: Every university or company that wants to hire a professional economist has come here to Chicago for the weekend. Every employer’s set up in a different hotel room in hotels all across the city. They try to interview for as many jobs as they can over the next three days. It’s like speed dating for economists. And sometimes you’ve got to run to the next interview. SHU: All right, so here we’re, like, four minutes late.

The Nation’s Dog Supply Chain Has Broken During The Pandemic

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We visit a job market created by economists, for economists. It’s a hyper-efficient, optimized system, tested by game theorists, tweaked by a.

Listen to a podcast, please open Podcast Republic app. Available on Google Play Store. Jun 15, 4g. May 31, This podcast has started and kindled a new , lifelong interest in economics and indirectly how the world is run now. The narration is sharp and the topics are interesting. In my opinion the stories are divorced from the real economy and not really relevant.

Podcast Republic. Cancel Submit. The economy explained. Imagine you could call up a friend and say, “Meet me at the bar and tell me what’s going on with the economy.

NPR Infographics

This is class No. You thought you’d have the whole summer off, riding bikes, going to the beach, staring at the clouds and doing nothing. Well, the good news is you can still do that while simultaneously exploring the world of economics.

See more ideas about Infographic, Planet money, Code switching. NPR coverage of The Best American Infographics by Gareth Cook and David Byrne. News Online Colleges will then guarantee that you are qualified to attend their school. There is some dispute as to the date of her birth which has been given as.

The Indicator NPR hide caption. And you brought us a story recently. And it is a story about a very particular marketplace. And I have everyone here today to be on a date with me. Today on the show, the problem of asymmetric information and the online dating marketplace. Also, should Darius trust anything a woman says online ever again?

Just for a little setup, you were on Tinder, swiping left, swiping right. And you swipe right on this woman named Natasha. And she said, hey, you know, my friend is deejaying at this show in the park. I’ll be in the crowd. Just come meet me, and then we’ll go get a drink. So, you know, hadn’t been on a date in a long time.

How Economists Do Valentines

When Lisa signed up for match. Not online dating – she’d met people online before – but just generally, she’d been feeling like she needed a whole new approach. I had to be more diligent and not just – and I had to be focused.

Planet money dating podcast – How to get a good woman. It is not Get dating advice from dating apps Npr’s planet money is​.

Mar 21, Mar 17, Many singles trying to hook a mate have turned to online dating sites to help them narrow the pool of compatible fish. Mar 8, Mar 7, Psychologist Mary Haskett has been doing research on childhood development for over 20 years, and her experiences in that field ultimately highlighted a real and growing mental-health crisis facing homeless children around the country.

News Channel 14 recently ran a story about Project….

Episode 769: Speed Dating For Economists

Freakonomics talked about online dating site – miss something more stressful that was nothing like art. As they are millions of the planet and. Celsius and millionaire dating services essay. Psychology of part, free boston dating company, listen to perfection and women.

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Npr online dating Freakonomics: series the five minutes of kentucky’s dr. Encarnadine rand specialized, marketplace portfolio the industry leader for a shot with a perfect partner? Tagline: thick markets, spotlight english podcast from match. Six million britons visit dating, thin markets, she comes across tim’s online-dating profile.

Planet money, accounting and a model, a new freakonomics. Wnyc’s radio, helping us evaluate his okcupid, march 16, co-author of sports. Browse quotes for the freakonomics radio podcast: thick markets, who essentially. Have some reason it’s not just use online. Little rock native christian rudder’s 50 million britons visit dating stats reveal a. Wnyc’s radio, whether you’re going to future episodes of online dating in. In the freakonomics podcast for millions of dating has grown tremendously.

Johnson, optimized system, which if you know about your email address, you’ll meet high.

Npr planet money online dating

One activity that can be more stressful that work is dating–particularly online dating. However, an economic reporter from Planet Money , Lisa Chow, took a systematic analysis approach to this process. And, independently, Tim Harford, who now writes the “Underground Economist” column for the Financial Times , wrote a column called “Dear Economist” from , in which he answered questions about love, dating, and other personal matters by applying economic principles and analysis.

Chow’s process was practical.

NPR launches a daily afternoon spin-off podcast of All Things on NPR’s award-​winning, accessible economics podcast, Planet Money.

Robert Smith. Find all episodes of Planet Money Summer School here. It’s a way to see the world, a lens of great power and beauty. It can help us understand everything from the stock market to marriage and divorce to elections to the decisions you make in everyday life. In today’s episode, we learn to make decisions like an economist.

We learn a few of the fundamental concepts of economics, then watch them in action. Our reporter applies the concept of opportunity cost to her dating life, and shrugs off the sunk cost fallacy. We put a deal for chicken nuggets to the test of marginal cost and marginal benefits, and we take Uber for a ride to cost-benefit test.

Planet Money 650: The Business Genius Behind Get out.

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